Aim and vision

The aim of BFFE

The aim of BFFE is to strengthen the agri-environmental work among the farmer organisations. It also represents farmers around the Baltic Sea as an observer in HELCOM.

The vision of BFFE (Stockholm 2012)

Farmers and farmers’ organisations engagements

  • Farmers’ organisations take an active part in environmental policy making processes
  • Utilise given environmental tools such as free advice and EU agri-environmental support schemes to the greatest possible extent
  • Further advocate practices and efforts that farmers make to improve the efficiency of production, which results in higher productivity and less environmental impact

Expectations on governments and administration

  • Listen to farmers’ organisations and BFFE and take farmers’ interest in to account in the environmental policy
  • Support economic viability and competitiveness of agriculture
  • Provide a framework with realistic objectives
  • Support agricultural research and advisory services to generate and transfer innovative solutions to farmers
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