Baltic Farmers' Forum on Environment

What is BFFE?

Baltic Farmers' Forum on Environment (BFFE) was launched in April 1998 as an initiative from the Nordic Farmers Council (NBC). Presidents of the farmers unions met in Gotland (Sweden) and discussed about the status of the Baltic Sea. The meeting resulted a declaration "Farmers for a Sustainable Future in The Baltic Sea Region".

The status of the Baltic Sea was found to be serious, and it was concluded that all the sectors involved (industry, agriculture, transport, energy production, fishery, tourism, forestry) must take the responsibility to improve the situation of the Baltic Sea. The organizations also urged governments to reserve resources for the adoption of agri-environmental measures. Finally the organizations declared their willingness to invest in the sustainable development of the Baltic Sea. The BFFE network was launched as a part of this process.

The declaration was signed by 12 organizations from 11 countries.
1. Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF)
2. Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners in Finland (MTK)
3. The Central Union of Swedish-speaking Agricultural Producers in Finland (SLC)
4. Association of Private Family Farmers and Agricultural Cooperatives of Russia
5. Estonian Farmers Federation (ETKL)
6. Latvian Farmers Federation (LZF)
7. Lithuanian Farmers Union (LUS)
8. National Union of Farmers and Agricultural Clubs and Organisations (KRZKIOR)
9. Bauernverband Schleswig-Holstein (BVSH)
10. Danish Agriculture and Food Council (L&F)
11. The Norwegian Farmers' Union (NFU)
12. Farmers Assosiation of Iceland (Bondi)

Today also Farmers Parliament (ZSA) from Latvia takes part in the cooperation.

NBC (Nordiska Bondeorganisationers Centralråd) manages and monitors the activities of BFFE together with the farmers unions in the area.The chairmanship follows the NBC chairmanship and rotates
between Denmark, Finland and Sweden. Currently MTK holds the
coordinating role.

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